SKU: WTM85230GB.
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Product Description

The Bosch WTM85230GB is a white condenser tumble dryer with heat pump and a large 8kg capacity as well as the following features/ specifications:

-A++ Energy rating

-This condenser tumble dryer has a self cleaning condenser which guarantees a high drying performance. It also benefits from Drainset which means there is no need to empty the condenser water manually as it is automatically drained

-Special programmes on this model include Wollens, Timed programme warm and Super Quick 40

-Low heat and reduced ironing option

-Delay start option for up to 24 hours

-Noise level: just 64 dB

-The sensitive drying system is a unique drum structure whereby your laundry is dried by mild warm air coming from all sides and gently mixed by curving soft carriers

-Child lock

-Drum interior light

-Easy to use LED display with touch control

-There is a useful buzzer to indicate the end of a cycle

-Anti vibration side panel

-Dimensions: height 84.2 cm x width 59.8 cm x depth 59.9 cm