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Product Description

The Belling CH602TBLK is a black built in hob with the following features/ specifications:

-This built in hob has digital touch controls, so you can choose your preferred hob and temperature setting easily

-One of the front rings, can be adjusted to two different sizes depending on the size of pan you are using

-The ceramic design of this hob means that the rings heat up quickly and thanks to its’ smooth surface it  is easy to wipe clean

-The Belling CH602TBLK has a handy cook to off function. Simply tell the hob when to turn down the heat and you can get on with your other jobs

-Child lock; this safety feature means that when you turn it on, it will disable all of the controls so that it cannot be turned on accidentally. This Belling hob also has residual heat indicators, so that you will know if your hob is too hot to touch once it has been turned off

-Dimensions: height 5.5 cm x width 59 cm x depth 52 cm

-3 Year manufacturers warranty

Please make sure you register your appliance to take advantage of the free 3 year warranty!!

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